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We seek to secure gorgeous land and a founding endowment in order to provide leaders with access to restorative space and time within an intentional community focused on
restoration, connection and visioning - in perpetuity.

There will always be a need to sustain the leaders who create, shape, power and steward our movements. 

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Seed Funding

Pilot Residencies

Network Development



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Design + Build

Land Acquisition

site development

Design / Build (or Re-design)

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Endowment Goal

* Endowment*

Transition to Community governed Mission - Driven Land Trust

social innovation funds



The New seneca village Vision

I want future Villagers to know that an invitation to NSV is an invitation to leadership, modeling and practice.


As we deepen the relationship to our inherent Knowing and practice that wisdom,

we begin to model right relationship with our Selves and Others.

We begin to live in a good way that invites others to an honest path to liberation

that is self-determined yet interconnected.


Once immersed in the Abundance of the NSV experience, our minds are free from

the burden of scarcity and we can again find the clarity that we need to remember our Selves.

We are nourished by clean foods that detox our bodies,

we build community with long lost siblings that were also courageous enough to answer the call.

We are given the gift of time to Be in our many Selves,

and we are given new tools to maintain our resolve.

Accepting the invitation to an NSV residency is accepting an invitation

to time travel into the future that we are manifesting together.

Village Leader: Taylor Mary / True Heart Consulting, LLC / Community Care / Durham, NC

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A Note on Endowment

We seek to secure a founding endowment of $110M in order to actualize the right to sovereignty and self determination for our community.


We deem this financial foundation critical for sustaining a sacred space committed to restoration, connection and visioning for women of color.  Especially as we recognize that supporting social justice leaders is a multi-generational commitment.

An endowment will ensure that the mission and future of New Seneca Village is guided and determined solely by its Villagers and that this resource will exist in perpetuity.


Our endowment will be invested in socially responsible and sustainable investments by women-led investment firms. 

Each year we will activate more than 5% of our endowment through our Social Catalyst Funds and other endeavors as identified by Villagers.

An endowment makes the following possible...

Social Innovation Fellowship

Each year, New Seneca Village will invite strategic cohorts of up to 20 leaders to come together for 10-day invitational residencies offering enhanced restoration and vision focused programming in support of connecting and resourcing leaders exploration and work on and across issues.


Seed funding of up to $30k will be provided to support projects arising from these Fellowships.


Fellowships will be  open to all invited leaders regardless of race and gender. 

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Innovation Fellows

New Seneca Village will sustain a minimum of 5 Innovation Leaders annually, providing them with a stipend of $200k.


The goal of the Innovation Fellows program is to acknowledge the work of social justice leaders while providing them with the resources to access time, space, creativity and purpose.  


Innovation Fellows will be nominated and chosen by New Seneca Villagers. 

Village Structure + Values

Structure: Within seven years of sustained operation, NSV will transition to a mission-driven land trust model.


This will ensure, in perpetuity, right stewardship of the land alongside ongoing operations of the retreat center and network, supported by the founding endowment. 

Staffing: Staff will receive generous compensation and benefits packages, including  all meals (and housing for some roles.)

Salaries will be competitive to the nearest metropolitan area job market, with no gaps between “white collar” and “blue collar” jobs.


We will prioritize hiring local BIPOC staff.

All Hands In

Social Catalyst Funds

New Seneca Village is committed to utilizing our mission endowment, beyond 5%.

Through community governed models New Seneca Village will provide learning, research and implementation support to an investment board made up of Villagers and folks native to the region where NSV is located.


These leaders will invest in social innovation projects, locally, nationally and internationally.

Local Community Fund

50% Indigenous leadership​

Focus: NSV Home County

Leader Community Fund

50% Black American leadership

Focus: National / International

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