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Welcome to
New Seneca Village

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New Seneca Village is a non-profit retreat space and social ecosystem offering nature - based restorative residencies for women and non-binary leaders of color working to advance justice with the goal to nourish and sustain their

collective visioning for a just future.

Residencies provide leaders with time and space, access to nature and restorative and healing offerings while creating opportunities for
relationship building and collective visioning.
Residencies are complimentary.
Grants and collective coaching are provided to support leaders
ability to arrive, to be present and to develop restorative practices
so that their leadership is nourished and sustained ongoingly.
Leaders are organizers, activists, advocates, artists, academics, and systems agitators whose work is oriented around advancing justice.
New Seneca Village is a paradigm shift committed to co-creating a new legacy of  providing abundant resources for women of color leaders
who have long committed to actualizing more just futures
within which we all have and will benefit. 
Join us as we evolve how we collectively care for and resource the leaders who consistently advance justice in our society.

Our Mission

Why New Seneca Village and Why Now?

Many of us take comfort in the thought that the moral arc of the universe bends towards justice.

But the arc does not bend itself.

For generations, non-binary and women of color justice leaders have committed to doing the complex and traumatic work of advancing society’s moral and ethical evolution.

From facing down and demanding justice from violent and extractive systems, to receiving limited and fraught access to funding - within the context of a society that deems them disposable - these folks show up for justice in our society again and again and again.

And they have throughout generations. 


Yet historically and currently, these leaders have been left to fend through the aforementioned gauntlet on their own, responding to fire after fire and operating from force of will, instead of from the abundantly resourced spaces offered to other leaders in whom our futures live. 


Many of these folks lack access to the space, time and resources critical to balancing their mind, body and spirit, to building generative community and to advancing their transformative visions.  

2020 truly exposed how much is at stake and how much work remains to be done by all who believe in a fair and equitable society.

How are we caring for and resourcing the leaders who consistently advance our society's

moral and ethical evolution?

Resource Context for Women of Color
(US Statistics)

Women of color comprised 20.3% of the United States population. 2019

+ 2% of philanthropic funds are invested in racial justice.1


+ Women and girls of color focused organizations receive .5 percent of total foundation funding. 2( 2019)

+ BIPOC-led groups get 34% less funding than white-led racial justice groups.3(2020)


+ In 2017, out of the nearly $67 billion given by foundations overall,  $356 million in grants were awarded in support of women and girls of color.2(2019)

+ Women make up 75% of nonprofit workers, yet only constitute 21% of leadership roles.4(2019)

+ 2.6% of venture funds go to Black and Latinx ventures.5(2020)

+ Organizations by and for women and girls of color are at work in every part of the United States, including Puerto Rico, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, and American Samoa.

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Fund The work. Fund the resT.

New Seneca Village unequivocally believes that both movements and leaders should be funded    abundantly and consistently.

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