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Field of grass and brown and white flowers in the foreground of a bright white sun


Each element of New Seneca Village is designed using our definition of Right Relationship to ensure that all of our offerings and how we work are in alignment with our mission.

We develop our organizational structure, governance models, offerings, partnerships and funding relationships within the following principles in order to practice creating a just future today.

Sloped forest with tall thin trees and sunshine wafting through.Image by Frédéric Perez


Everything on this planet is inextricably and intimately connected.


Our interconnection reinforces our deep understanding of the rightness of justice and of the necessity of intentional community.


Our interconnection proves that resources are for all and that there is “enough” for everyone.

Beautiful coast line with large cliffs and beachside rock formations at sunset.Image by John Burnett


The intentional healing and returning of a person to their Self and their purpose, to their community and to their humanity is a contribution to society.


Restoration honors the sovereignty and contribution of an individual so that they live their purpose from a resourced place. 

Galaxy sky over boulder scattered beach.Image by Luca Baggio


Endowed with infinite potential, humanity is fully capable of creating a future wherein all beings on this planet are free to live with dignity, agency and access to resources in abundance.

Charming Town

New Seneca Village is named in honor of Seneca Village,

a community founded and led by free Black people

in New York City in 1825.


Seneca Village grew to boast 3 churches, a Black grade school and the highest rates of home ownership in NYC. It was also one of the only integrated multi-racial communities in early NYC, welcoming Irish and German immigrants.

This thriving village was destroyed

in order to build Central Park. 


New Seneca Village is designed with the intention to care

for one another as if we are all residents of a prosperous, inclusive and living community. 

Because we are. 

Coastal Town

People + Place Acknowledgement


As a remote organization whose pilot model includes travel to natural settings across the country, we acknowledge that we find ourselves on various stolen lands that are sacred to a number of Indigenous Peoples, including but not limited to Tribes, Nations, and Peoples such as: Coosati, Muskoke, Ohlone, Snohomish.

We are grateful to the Indigenous Peoples who have cared for and stewarded these lands in Right Relationship from the beginning.  We are clear that our ongoing presence on this land is egregious. 


We also want to acknowledge all people who have been forced from their own indigenous lands, practices, ancestors and relationships due to de-humanizing economic, political, violent or climate related transgressions of others. As well as those whose labor and life force have been extracted and used in service of others before themselves. 


We acknowledge the legacy of slavery and the enslaved African people whose life force and labor was exploited for generations to help establish the economy of the United States and many other nations across the world. 


By recognizing the land that was taken from First Americans, the forced labor that was provided by enslaved Africans and black people, and the ongoing extraction foundational to many of our systems and societies, we acknowledge that we understand  the source trauma that has shaped our collective present.

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