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Village Healers

We are delighted to introduce you to the Healers who share their restorative practices with our Village.

Each healer brings a range of modalities and experiences which we match to
the requests of  Villager cohorts for each residency.

How might you expand your own

restorative practices?
Image by Joel Vodell
Healer Angela Summer 2023.png

Angela's Offerings: Reiki

Location: Bay Area


Angela Omulepu (she/her)
Reiki, Medicine Energy, Poetry, Movement, and Laughter Therapy


Angela Omulepu is a wellness consultant, healing practitioner, and change-maker who facilitates personal, organizational, and societal healing through diverse healing modalities such as Reiki, guided imagery, non-violent communication, and creative writing.


Her school, Reiki to the People, represents the intersection of spirituality and socio-political revolution. Ms. Omulepu's perspective and approach is shaped by her over 10 years of experience as a union organizer and regional community organizer working for racial, social, and economic justice. Reiki to the People is committed to leveraging the energy of grassroots movements to help shift the collective consciousness. It calls for a heightened level of engagement through sacred resistance and vibrational/energetic acuity.


Ms. Omulepu believes that healing society starts with healing the self—letting go of resentments, rewriting harmful narratives, and learning the language of energy. It is her strongly held belief that a critical mass of people adept at navigating the energetic plane can catalyze a positive shift–elusive solutions and creative new strategies will emerge, making equity, cooperation, and abundance an achievable reality. In her heart, she believes that through Reiki practice and exquisite attention to self-healing, we can change our world.

Formation Healing Arts _ Anna Meyer.jpg
Anna Meyer (they/she)
Anna (AK) Meyer, Holistic Healing Practitioner & Consultant Founder, Formation Healing Arts

Anna Meyer, the Founder of Formation Healing Arts, has been working in local and national LGBTQ and BIPOC communities for over 25 years. Anna’s healing justice practice supports restorative connections with ourselves, each other, our natural world, and the systems we all live within.


Anna is trained in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Ecotherapy, Alchemical Alignment: Somatic Tools for Resolution of Trauma & Embodiment of Spirit, Usui Reiki Rhoyo, & HeartMath. Anna is the Board of Directors Co-Chair of the MN Healing Justice Network, Events Manager with RARE Productions and Events Consultant with Our Space.


Anna is a light-skinned mixed race (white, mexican, and native), non-binary disabled queer who lives, loves, and works on Dakota land in South Minneapolis. Connect at

Anna's Offerings: Breathwork, Somatics,  Meditation, and Healing Justice Framework


Location: Minneapolis


Contact: 612-787-2683

Berenice Dimas.jpg
Berenice Dimas (she/they/ella)
Plant Medicine, Reiki, Body Work, Massage


My name is Berenice Dimas and I am a queer herbalist, birthworker, and published writer.


Through my work, people become inspired to begin a healing process, continue a healing journey already in progress, or take a new direction in that journey by gaining new insights of the self. I hold space for you to figure out your own transformation process.


For me, healing is cyclical. Always changing. Always in motion. I am simply the facilitator of the journey not the one necessarily doing the healing for you.

Berenice's Offerings: Plant Medicine, Reiki, Body Work, Massage 

Location: Bay Area


DejaJoelle (she/they/us/we/yall)
Movement, Meditation, Breathwork, Coaching, and Dance


DejaJoelle is a Black-Centered - Healing Artist, Choreographer, Director, and Cultural Healing Curator. She believes Dance serves as our connection to ourselves, our communities, and our overall Divinity.


DejaJoelle creates intentional spaces for Black, and LGBTQ2 community to discover their own practices toward Healing using Dance, Body Reclamation, and other Healing practices.


As the world experiences collective hurt and grief, DejaJoelle trusts that our greatest act of REVOLUTION and REBELLION against hatred and corruption is Self-Love, Healing, and Dance. As she refuses to fuel the fire of destruction and heinousness, she instead focuses her Art and energy on properly handling Black people who continue to be mishandled.

Healer DejaJoelle Summer 2023.jpg
DejaJoelle’s offering: 

Movement, Meditation, Breathwork, Coaching, Dance

Location: Minnesota

Connect: Body Prayers/The Melanated Remedy; IG: DejaJoelle Website:

Dr. Joi Lewis (she/her)
Meditation coach, yoga teacher, multi-disciplinary artist


Dr. Joi Lewis is a visionary community healer and facilitator of liberation, and social justice As a speaker, author, CEO of Joi Unlimited, and President of The Healing Justice Foundation, she’s on a mission to put healing in the hands of anyone, anywhere. Dr. Joi helps individuals, institutions, and communities heal from oppression-induced historic and present-day trauma, using Healing Justice as an on-ramp to reclaim our own humanity and each other.


Dr. Joi’s book, Healing: The Act of Radical Self-Care, educates individuals on the Orange Method of Healing Justice, a framework to interrupt historic cycles of oppression through both self and community care.


The Orange Method is an integrative process that uses four practices: meditation, mindfulness, emotional liberation, and conscious movement. She offers this meditation to all who believe in freedom: #MayTheRevolutionBeHealing. 

Dr. Joi’s Offerings: Group Facilitation/Space Holding - Orange Method of Healing Justice: (Meditation, Mindfulness, Emotional Liberation, Conscious Movement), Radical Self-Care & Healing Coaching, Two-Way Prayer (Journaling), and Yoga (Recovery, Restorative). 

Location: St. Paul, Minnesota.

Connect: website: | |

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn: @drjoilewis

Kendra Coupland (she/her)
Meditation coach, yoga teacher, multi-disciplinary artist


Kendra Coupland is a sādhaka (one who is on the path to self actualization) of Caribbean and Canadian descent. After studying and practicing yoga for 7 years, in 2017 Kendra was officially initiated into the yogic teaching tradition by Swami Vidyanand while studying Transformational Yoga in South India.


Experiencing the world as a queer, neurodivergent, Black-mixed woman, and survivor of childhood sexual violence Kendra brings a compassionate, trauma-informed, and intersectional framework to her practice. She is constantly striving to create safer spaces for folks who experience marginalization and systemic violence to practice self-liberation and self-actualization within the context of a larger, and oftentimes oppressive community, and is most excited about building communities of care.

Kendra’s Offerings: Transformational Yoga - Hatha, Breathe Deep, Yoga Nidra, Spiritual Coach

Location: Vancouver BC, Canada

Connect: | |

Marla Renee Stewart
Coaching, Body Work, Breathwork, Meditation


Marla Renee Stewart is a Sexologist and Sexual Strategist at Velvet Lips Sex Ed and Co-Founder of the Sex Down South Conference. Her work centralizes sexuality and she helps her clients through tactics used in sex therapy, somatic bodywork, and comprehensive sexuality education. Healing, rest, and self-care is one of the core truths and she lives it almost every day. 


Her approach to healing is ensuring that she meets a person where they are at. She does this by getting a brief history, have an understanding of their goals and what they want to accomplish and then making a game plan. But she just doesn't leave it there; she typically follows-up because she highly values accountability and ensuring her clients that they are doing the work so they can have the results they need to help them evolve.


This also means that she’s a co-collaborator; she believes there are multiple modalities that will contribute to a person's well-being and having colleagues that she can refer to are key to healing our communities and setting ourselves up for the possibilities of future generations’ success and prosperity.

Marla Renee Stewart.jpg

Marla’s offering: Acupuncture

Location: Atlanta, GA


Prajna Choudhury (pronounced _Progga_).jpg
Prajna Choudhury (she/her)
Acupuncture, Meditation


I have been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 15 years, having graduated from Yo San University in Los Angeles, and currently practicing at Energy Matters Acupuncture & Qi Gong in Oakland, CA. My practice is to listen deeply to what ails you, to what your body is telling me, and to alleviate suffering and help bring peace and comfort with the tools I have.


Philosophy: “When people come in for treatment, of course, they want their symptoms to go away. Alleviating pain and discomfort – whether physical or emotional – acupuncture and Chinese Medicine are great. But in the process of treatment, I’m also curious about: What is your pain or discomfort telling you? What lessons are there to learn from your experience of ill-being? 


I have also been a mindfulness meditation practitioner in the tradition of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh since the early 2000s. I have facilitated meditation groups for many years and in 2013 was ordained by Thich Nhat Hanh as a lay practitioner (Buddhist chaplain) in his Order of Interbeing. 

Prajna’s offering: Acupuncture

Location: Bay Area, California


Raj Escondido(she/they)
Coaching, Body Work, Movement, Somatics, Reiki, Astrology, Yoga / Pilates, Meditation, and Breathwork

Raj Escondo is a Filipinx and South Asian healing justice practitioner, facilitator, and coach.


Her healing modalities include yoga, reiki, and Eastern Ashiatsu where she centers communities of color and social movement leaders. She integrates her healing practices and principles into her work as an organizational development consultant, facilitator, and coach.


You can expect her offerings to be focused on accessible movement, mindfulness, and the cultivation of your own inner leadership. Raj supports folks in developing a compassionate and cozy home within themselves towards building community with others, the land, and ancestors. Her practice offerings strengthen one's interoception skills supporting folks with histories of trauma, overwork, and stress to decompress and look within.r transformation process.

Raj’s offerings: Somatic Mediation, Embodied Coaching

Location: Bay Area, California

Connect:, email:

DejaJoelle (DejaJoelle)
Movement, Meditation, Breathwork, Coaching, and Dance

DejaJoelle is a Black Centered - Healing Artist, Choreographer, Director, and Cultural Healing Curator. She believes Dance serves as our connection to ourselves, our communities, and our overall Divinity.


DejaJoelle creates intentional spaces for Black community to discover their own practices toward Healing using Dance, Body Reclamation, and other Healing practices.


As the world experiences collective hurt and grief, DejaJoelle trusts that our greatest act of REVOLUTION and REBELLION against hatred and corruption is Self-Love and Healing. Using the tenets of RECLAIM, SURRENDER and CONJURE she focuses her Art and energy on holding Healing spaces that reintroduces Black people to their Breath, Body, and Spirit.

DejaJoelle Stowers.jpg
DejaJoelle’s Offerings: 


Group Session

Body Reclamation

A session rooted in the reconnection to your Body. What would your Body say if it were to let it speak uninterrupted? When was the last time you let your heart rest in your own embrace? Body Reclamation uses Dance, Meditation, and Affirmation to Reclaim our Bodies.


Small Group (group of 3-4) Sessions

Body Prayer Creation

A Poly-Realmic Practice that uses Dance, Meditation, Storytelling, and Revolutionary Love Practices to guide people to their most authentic self. Body Prayers assist in the reclamation of our Bodies. Allows us the opportunity to remember that our Bodies and Spirits deserve the care we often give to others (but even better).  In this intimate setting, this practice gives you step-by-step tools to reconnect with your Body where you will learn the fundamentals of the Body Prayers Practice and create your own Body Prayer. 

Conjure: Revolutionary Love Practices  

Continuing the wave of Embodied Practice, join DejaJoelle in crafting your very own Self-Love Practices that you can use when you leave NSV. Truly honor what your body needs.

Joi Unlimited  _ Dr. Joi Lewis (1).jpeg
Dr. Joi (she/her)
Coaching, Meditation, Breathwork, Somatics, Orange Method (OM) of Healing Justice

Dr. Joi Lewis is a visionary community healer, scholar-activist and thought leader on radical self-care and healing justice. As a sought-after speaker and facilitator of Black liberation and its invitation to be connected to everyone's full humanity, she is on a mission to put healing in the hands of anyone, anywhere.


Dr. Joi is the Founder of two organizations Joi Unlimited, and The Healing Justice Foundation, she is on a mission to put healing in the hands of everyone, everywhere. Dr. Joi is also the author of "Healing: The Act of Radical Self-Care." Dr. Joi helps social justice advocates, institutions, and communities heal from racism and its intersection with other forms of oppression-induced trauma -- particularly after civil unrest -- so they feel grounded, seen, and heard. 


Through her organization Dr. Joi partners with organizations and institutions to provide keynotes, workshops, healing circles, online courses, healing and radical self-care resources (meditation and mindfulness), healing-informed partnerships, coaching certification, and online and in-person community support. Joi Unlimited also offers healing and radical self-care products such as: salves, balms, notecards and books. 

Her work also extends to philanthropy as the President of The Healing Justice Foundation, an organization committed to promoting Black Joy and supporting the building of a healing justice ecosystem like the Red Cross that is well connected and well resourced in perpetuity, for the Black community.


Learn more by visiting and

Dr. Joi's Offerings:

Group Sessions

Orange Method (OM) of Healing Justice: Meditation (Get Grounded), Mindfulness (Get Present), Emotional Liberation (Get Free), Conscious Movement (Get Unstuck). These practices provide a container to help us create systems that respond beautifully to the trauma and get us in the right relationship with our nervous system, each other, our loved ones, and our creator. We are made up of wonder, the cosmos, and joy, unspeakable joy.


The Joy of Radical Self-Care & Healing 

Together we will pause,  practice radical self-care, and create space for our own wellness. The act of tapping into our inherent joy will make long-term healing possible. The purpose of this session is to cultivate more spaciousness and interrupt the effects of toxic stress and trauma, especially related to racial injustice.  You will have the space to connect with yourself and others more deeply and practice healthy expressions of grief, pain, and joy. We will build our own personal energy bank and understand energy deposits and withdrawals. #MayTheRevolutionBeHealing


Finding Joy in Challenging Times

This session is a gift of time and space to seek and celebrate joy in community, even amidst the intensity of a complicated, harsh, yet, beautiful world. This is a guided meditative practice with imagery, to explore in a sacred space some insights and practices that may be useful when navigating challenging decisions in your everyday life. Finding and holding joy in challenging times is a form of radical resistance in a time when joy may not be expected. Together, in the community, you will be supported to navigate challenging situations and find life-changing joy. You may find moments of joy while also experiencing feelings of grief, sadness, and uncertainty on the path of healing. Even during difficult times, it is okay - perhaps even necessary - to find the space for joy.

 Individual + Small Group (group of 2 or 4) Sessions

OM Coaching with Dr. Joi is a Healing Justice Ecosystem created to support you in living fully in this season while also inviting you to consider returning home to your authentic self. This is a space to be free, to frolic, to imagine, to share secrets, to laugh, to cry, or simply be. Options Below.


Meditation (Get Grounded)

The Joy of Morning explores how to build or strengthen a daily practice of mo(u)rning routine/ritual.


Mindfulness (Get Present)

The Joy of Cooking outlines a simple practice of food prep looking both at what you are eating and what's eating you.


Emotional Liberation (Get Free) 

The Joy of Prayer strengthens a practice of conscious contact with a God of your own understanding. 


Conscious Movement (Get Unstuck) 

The Joy of Connection encourages a regular practice of contact with a circle of loved ones, interrupting isolation and more time for play.

Sonja (she/her)
Astrology, Yoga and Pilates, Breathwork, Meditation, Plant Medicine, and Expressive Arts

Dedicated to an inclusive, come as you are yoga experience; ensuring that all levels, ages, ethnicities and walks of life feel met and acknowledged in their practice.


Sonya incorporates fundamental yoga practices including pranayama and mudras to encourage others to cultivate conversations with their own bodies and making spiritual concepts accessible through asana.


Sonya’s love of yoga shines through mindful sequencing, setting students up for success and designed to shift energy into alignment. Sonya intertwines her 33+years of study in astrology into her yoga practice and has been a professional astrologer for more than 12 years.


Sonja’s Offerings:
Sonya Trejo.jpg

Group Session

Vibey Vinyasa Flow

 A little dance club, set to fun playlists, this all-levels yoga class is a fun way to yoke to our community and explore your relationship to movement. Using an ancient art form in a lighthearted modern manner that makes yoga accessible to different bodies and walks of life. 1 hour of yoga and 30 minutes of Merkaba Meditation  Breathwork.

Individual Sesssions

Yin Yoga + Chakra Clearing

 A gentle, slow practice, postures are held longer to access flexibility through stillness. 30 minutes of yoga with a 30-minute Chakra Clearing using solfeggio frequencies, mudras, and mantras to detox and cleanse. No chanting is required in this powerful experience.


Astrology Workshop Learn to Interpret Your Natal Chart

We start with the fundamentals. Still, this class has valuable tools for even seasoned astrologers as you learn how to interpret your own birth chart with tools you can use for the rest of your life. Each participant will receive their own birth chart. Knowledge of your own birth date, place, and time is ideal for this session.

Rashmi Guttal (she/her/they/them)
Coaching, Meditation, Reiki, Somatics, Body Work


Rashmi (she/they) is a somatic practitioner, restorative justice facilitator, and mediator. Through her background in asana (yoga), meditation, and conflict resolution, she created somatic mediation, a coaching process to help individuals and couples resolve conflict. Using the Internal Family Systems model, Attachment Theory, and body-based practices, Rashmi guides folx into deeper awareness and compassion for their different ‘parts’. She focuses on nervous system regulation, emphasizing rest, silence, and moving slowly.


She is influenced by her Buddhist contemplative practice, background in trauma-informed asana (appropriated as yoga in the West), Reiki training, Restorative/Transformative justice, teachers Mark Tanaka, Lama Rod Owens, and the works of Kai Cheng Thom, adrienne maree brown and bell hooks.


Rashmi identifies as Queer, South Asian, woman of color, differently abled, and has lived experiences with trauma and grief. Rashmi enjoys being with the earth, petting animals, and being with her lovely community.

Rashmi Guttal.jpeg
Rashmi’s offerings: Somatic Mediation, Embodied Coaching

Location: Bay Area, California

Connect: |

Rosanna Chang (she/her)

Rosanna "Rose" Chang is a devoted facilitator and ally of healing. She helps others release their bondage of internalized shame and reclaim their most precious birthright: to love and be loved. Rose offers embodied heartfelt wisdom gleaned from over 25 years of both deep personal healing and her work serving others. She utilizes a dynamic holistic blend of integrated tools that helps to activate the organic inner intelligence inside her clients. It is this force inside of all of us that drives us toward healing and growth. Rose is honored to witness trauma transform into sources of unshakeable resiliency, wisdom, and compassion for self and others. In her spare time, she revels in the magic of Nature, is learning how to center rest and pleasure as an act of liberation, and can be found in the kitchen cooking up global soul food for her loved ones.

Rose’s offerings: Reiki, Plant Medicine, Coaching, Therapy, Somatics, Personalized Soul Collages.


Location: Bay Area, California


Rose Chang.png
Sister Sadada Jackson .jpg

sister sadada’s Offerings:
Coaching, Movement, Somatics, Yoga/Pilates, Breathwork, Expressive Arts, Embodied Liberation

Location: Massachusetts

Connect: Email:

Instagram @sistersadada

Facebook @sistersadada

sister sadada (she/they)
Coaching, Movement, Somatics, Yoga / Pilates, Breathwork, Expressive Arts, Embodied Liberation

i am a student of liberatory practices: i live in my body and vacation in my mind. i am black nipmuc. i am an embodied liberation teacher. i work with individuals and groups who do the work of healing and education. the aim of my work is to guide embodied liberation in our relationships and our structures. i believe that a love-based relationship with our bodies is essential to all liberation.
i approach my work as a guide, supporting the developing and deepening of embodied love-based relationships. i use movement, yoga, breath, rituals, and ceremony in partnership with earth elements when in my work. as i work, i maintain a clear and generative heart and mindset and rely on the partnership of our labor to inform our time together.
i am deeply committed to justice, access, love, spaciousness, and the liberation of all beings. my commitments are rooted in my black and indigenous identities and traditions. for over 20 years I have been a practitioner of contemplative practices from buddhist and yoga traditions.

i am a trained hatha and therapeutics yoga teacher. i trained with bo forbes. for 25 years i have trained, performed, and taught as a modern and folkloric dancer. 

Sonja Trejo (she/her)


Dedicated to an inclusive, come-as-you-are yoga experience; ensuring that all levels, ages, body types, ethnicities, and walks of life feel met and acknowledged in their practice.


Sonya Trejo specializes in "Vibey Vinyasa Flow" yoga to work the body and soul. Set to fun playlists that guide students on a journey building strength and equanimity, the teaching incorporates fundamental yoga practices with an emphasis on pranayama and mudras to encourage others to cultivate conversations with their own bodies and make spiritual concepts accessible through asana.


Bringing a sense of light-heartedness to the asana,  Sonya's love of people and yoga shines through mindful sequencing, setting students up for success, and is designed with the intention of shifting energy into alignment. Sonya has been working in retreat settings throughout the Caribbean for the last 5 years.


She loves to dive deep to empower people to have agency in their own healing, providing a range of tools such as astrology, meditation, breathwork plant-based healing, and foods to enhance your transformation process.


Sonja’s Offerings: Yoga/Astrology/Temazacal Ceremony

Location: Atlanta, GA, email me at or dm me on insta @eighthlightyoga

Sonya Trejo.jpg

Taraneh’s Offerings:
Guided Embodiment Sessions: Movement, Somatic Inquiry, Expressive Arts.

Location: Bay Area, California


Taraneh Sarrafzadeh (she/her)
Teacher of yoga, dance, somatic inquiry, meditation, expressive and creative art practice


Taraneh identifies as a Pinay Iranian American woman, the daughter of immigrants, born and raised across Ohlone lands, known as the Bay Area, CA. 


Taraneh is a lifelong student of embodiment in its many forms as a path to reclaim, dream, rest, and reimagine our way back to ourselves and to ways of being (individually and collectively) that are restorative, transformative, and liberatory. 


The current container for Taraneh’s work as an artist and guide is To Embody Love. To Embody Love draws from the well of her studies in yoga, dance, somatics, ritual creative practice, and devotion to nature, spirit, and our interconnectedness. With To Embody Love, Taraneh guides spaces for BIPOC women, femme, and gender-fluid folks, to listen and connect inwards to their bodies through movement, healing practice, and creative expression–working both in 1:1 coaching and holding classes and workshops.

Teresa Ellis (she/her)
Strong Squad Captain, Pilates


Teresa loves to find joy in the ordinary. She practices Pilates and piano, and being present but also has no shame in binge-watching some mind-numbing show like Claws. Music and laughter are her love languages. She's a fan of puns so share one if you have one.

Teresa’s offering: Pilates for Badasses


I teach a group mat Pilates class that is slow-paced and with different options for each exercise to make it accessible to all who desire to practice this modality. I always start with the base movement and will invite you to find the level that works for you and stay there until you are confident to move up to the next level. This makes the practice yours. All options are offered to meet you where you are in your body at that moment.

Teresa’s Offerings: Pilates, Movement, and Somatics.

Location: Oakland, California 

Connect: |  

IG-@PilatesBarreAndJams |


Dr. Teresa's offering: Nervous System Energetics.

Location: National

Connect: |

Teresa Lau (she/her)
Energy and Bodyworker, a specialist in somatics and tending to the nervous system


Dr. Teresa Lau, DC, has a passion for the beauty and richness life has to offer, and she is an expert in real-world health, and solutions for stress. She has seen thousands of lives transformed by the lightest touch at the right moment and frequency. Dr. T, as she's affectionately called by her clients, is committed to revealing and reveling in the embodied expression of the power of our humanity, and she is dedicated to more of us skillfully inhabiting our bodies, as an integral component of transforming systems of oppression and co-creating our new, emergent world. 


Dr. T is licensed as a chiropractor, specializing in the energy of alignment, somatics, and awakening for sixteen years at Vibrant Body Wellness in Berkeley. Raised in the Washington DC area, Dr. Teresa has a Bachelor of Science in Physics, and one in Women's Studies, from MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She received her Doctorate of Chiropractic summa cum laude from Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, California, and Dr. T has been voted Best Chiropractor of the East Bay three out of the past four years.

Her work is to cultivate a world of radical belonging, through body-based healing and creating collective learning space.

I enjoy working with people in groups, creating a shared field that is felt and acts as a greater resource for everyone. I lead groups in movement and breathing rhythms that will facilitate the embodiment of different states of consciousness, resonating with the cyclic stages of healing and awakening.


I work with individuals using gentle and light touch along the spine to engage the connective tissue and energetic intelligence that organize the body. The result is a somatic movement into ease, peace, transformation, awakening, release, focus, unwinding, and other forms of healing directed by the body's innate intelligence.

Are you interested in being a New Seneca Village healer?

Check out our Healer Offering 

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