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Village Healers

We are delighted to introduce you to the Healers who share their restorative practices with our Village.

Each healer brings a range of modalities and experiences which we match to
the requests of  Villager cohorts for each residency.

How might you expand your own

restorative practices?
Image by Joel Vodell
Dr. Joi Lewis (she/her)
Meditation coach, yoga teacher, multi-disciplinary artist


Dr. Joi Lewis is a visionary community healer and facilitator of liberation, and social justice As a speaker, author, CEO of Joi Unlimited, and President of The Healing Justice Foundation, she’s on a mission to put healing in the hands of anyone, anywhere. Dr. Joi helps individuals, institutions, and communities heal from oppression-induced historic and present-day trauma, using Healing Justice as an on-ramp to reclaim our own humanity and each other.


Dr. Joi’s book, Healing: The Act of Radical Self-Care, educates individuals on the Orange Method of Healing Justice, a framework to interrupt historic cycles of oppression through both self and community care.


The Orange Method is an integrative process that uses four practices: meditation, mindfulness, emotional liberation, and conscious movement. She offers this meditation to all who believe in freedom: #MayTheRevolutionBeHealing. 

Dr. Joi’s Offerings: Group Facilitation/Space Holding - Orange Method of Healing Justice: (Meditation, Mindfulness, Emotional Liberation, Conscious Movement), Radical Self-Care & Healing Coaching, Two-Way Prayer (Journaling), and Yoga (Recovery, Restorative). 

Location: St. Paul, Minnesota.

Connect: website: | |

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn: @drjoilewis

Kendra Coupland (she/her)
Meditation coach, yoga teacher, multi-disciplinary artist


Kendra Coupland is a sādhaka (one who is on the path to self actualization) of Caribbean and Canadian descent. After studying and practicing yoga for 7 years, in 2017 Kendra was officially initiated into the yogic teaching tradition by Swami Vidyanand while studying Transformational Yoga in South India.


Experiencing the world as a queer, neurodivergent, Black-mixed woman, and survivor of childhood sexual violence Kendra brings a compassionate, trauma-informed, and intersectional framework to her practice. She is constantly striving to create safer spaces for folks who experience marginalization and systemic violence to practice self-liberation and self-actualization within the context of a larger, and oftentimes oppressive community, and is most excited about building communities of care.

Kendra’s Offerings: Transformational Yoga - Hatha, Breathe Deep, Yoga Nidra, Spiritual Coach

Location: Vancouver BC, Canada

Connect: | |

Rosanna Chang (she/her)

Rosanna "Rose" Chang is a devoted facilitator and ally of healing. She helps others release their bondage of internalized shame and reclaim their most precious birthright: to love and be loved. Rose offers embodied heartfelt wisdom gleaned from over 25 years of both deep personal healing and her work serving others. She utilizes a dynamic holistic blend of integrated tools that helps to activate the organic inner intelligence inside her clients. It is this force inside of all of us that drives us toward healing and growth. Rose is honored to witness trauma transform into sources of unshakeable resiliency, wisdom, and compassion for self and others. In her spare time, she revels in the magic of Nature, is learning how to center rest and pleasure as an act of liberation, and can be found in the kitchen cooking up global soul food for her loved ones.

Rose’s offerings: Reiki, Plant Medicine, Coaching, Therapy, Somatics, Personalized Soul Collages.


Location: Bay Area, California


Rose Chang.png

Taraneh’s Offerings:
Guided Embodiment Sessions: Movement, Somatic Inquiry, Expressive Arts.

Location: Bay Area, California


Taraneh Sarrafzadeh (she/her)
Teacher of yoga, dance, somatic inquiry, meditation, expressive and creative art practice


Taraneh identifies as a Pinay Iranian American woman, the daughter of immigrants, born and raised across Ohlone lands, known as the Bay Area, CA. 


Taraneh is a lifelong student of embodiment in its many forms as a path to reclaim, dream, rest, and reimagine our way back to ourselves and to ways of being (individually and collectively) that are restorative, transformative, and liberatory. 


The current container for Taraneh’s work as an artist and guide is To Embody Love. To Embody Love draws from the well of her studies in yoga, dance, somatics, ritual creative practice, and devotion to nature, spirit, and our interconnectedness. With To Embody Love, Taraneh guides spaces for BIPOC women, femme, and gender-fluid folks, to listen and connect inwards to their bodies through movement, healing practice, and creative expression–working both in 1:1 coaching and holding classes and workshops.

Teresa Ellis (she/her)
Strong Squad Captain, Pilates


Teresa loves to find joy in the ordinary. She practices Pilates and piano, and being present but also has no shame in binge-watching some mind-numbing show like Claws. Music and laughter are her love languages. She's a fan of puns so share one if you have one.

Teresa’s offering: Pilates for Badasses


I teach a group mat Pilates class that is slow-paced and with different options for each exercise to make it accessible to all who desire to practice this modality. I always start with the base movement and will invite you to find the level that works for you and stay there until you are confident to move up to the next level. This makes the practice yours. All options are offered to meet you where you are in your body at that moment.

Teresa’s Offerings: Pilates, Movement, and Somatics.

Location: Oakland, California 

Connect: |  

IG-@PilatesBarreAndJams |


Dr. Teresa's offering: Nervous System Energetics.

Location: National

Connect: |

Teresa Lau (she/her)
Energy and Bodyworker, a specialist in somatics and tending to the nervous system


Dr. Teresa Lau, DC, has a passion for the beauty and richness life has to offer, and she is an expert in real-world health, and solutions for stress. She has seen thousands of lives transformed by the lightest touch at the right moment and frequency. Dr. T, as she's affectionately called by her clients, is committed to revealing and reveling in the embodied expression of the power of our humanity, and she is dedicated to more of us skillfully inhabiting our bodies, as an integral component of transforming systems of oppression and co-creating our new, emergent world. 


Dr. T is licensed as a chiropractor, specializing in the energy of alignment, somatics, and awakening for sixteen years at Vibrant Body Wellness in Berkeley. Raised in the Washington DC area, Dr. Teresa has a Bachelor of Science in Physics, and one in Women's Studies, from MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She received her Doctorate of Chiropractic summa cum laude from Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, California, and Dr. T has been voted Best Chiropractor of the East Bay three out of the past four years.

Her work is to cultivate a world of radical belonging, through body-based healing and creating collective learning space.

I enjoy working with people in groups, creating a shared field that is felt and acts as a greater resource for everyone. I lead groups in movement and breathing rhythms that will facilitate the embodiment of different states of consciousness, resonating with the cyclic stages of healing and awakening.


I work with individuals using gentle and light touch along the spine to engage the connective tissue and energetic intelligence that organize the body. The result is a somatic movement into ease, peace, transformation, awakening, release, focus, unwinding, and other forms of healing directed by the body's innate intelligence.

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