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Our People

New Seneca Village is supported by many leaders who share their affinity for this work. They partner with the NSV team to co-design and implement projects and initiatives that amplify our collective vision. 

We are honored by their support of NSV, for the power of their crucial work in the world and for their joy!
Image by Ante Samarzija

Ain Bailey is a liberation centered philanthropic advisor and strategist, and a healing and energy centered coach whose work is grounded in infinite possibility - proven by the very existence of this abundant, life-giving (and gorgeous planet) and the limitless potential of humanity.

Compelled by the promise of sacred futures, inspired by generative connections and grounded in the power of integrating personal and professional selves - Ain is committed to advancing human evolution and Right Relationship with the planet and others in all of her work.

​Ain is most energized by her role as the Founder of New Seneca Village, an emergent retreat and visioning center designed to connect women of color social justice leaders to nature, healing, and each other such that their leadership and work is grounded in restoration, community connectedness and expansive vision. Learn more about Ain here.

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Ain Bailey

Co-creator of Liberatory Space

Pronouns: She / They
Location: Ancestral and unceded land of the Coosati and Muskoke people, Alabama

Aldita Gallardo Headshot_edited.jpg

Aldita Gallardo

Organizing at the Intersections

Pronouns: she/they/ella
Locations: Unceded Ohlone land, Oakland, CA

Aldita Gallardo (she/they/ella) is an organizer, facilitator, and resource mobilizer based in Oakland, CA, on unceded Ohlone Land.

Currently, she serves as the Program Officer for the Fund for Trans Generations at Borealis Philanthropy. She has been organizing at the intersections of racial and gender justice, trans/queer liberation, immigrant rights, and youth leadership development for over a decade.

Prior to organizing within philanthropy, she trained trans/queer youth of color to end the school-to-prison/deportation pipeline and organized healing spaces for movement leaders.

A graduate of Northwestern University, Aldita serves on the advisory board of El/La Para Trans Latinas and enjoys going on walks in nature with her dog, Peppers.

Anisha has worked in organizations dedicated to movement support, educational equity and leadership development for two decades.


She is a Facilitator, Strategist, Coach, and Worker-Owner at AORTA (Anti-Oppression Resource and Training Alliance). Prior to AORTA, she served as Director of the New Leaders Initiative and Brower Youth Awards at Earth Island Institute in Berkeley, where she identified, honored and coached emerging youth environmental movement leaders.


 Anisha previously held director roles at Women of Color Resource Center in Oakland and at United for a Fair Economy in Boston. In addition to organizational management, she designed programs and curriculum and conducted popular education workshops.


Anisha approaches her work with a tenderness that comes from experiencing the often-rough edges of hierarchical nonprofit leadership structures and knows the gifts of pain, insight and metamorphosis that come with failing fabulously. She brings to AORTA a passion for supporting organizations to create cultures that value democratic participation, mentorship, healing, equity and justice.


Anisha is of Sri Lankan and Indian descent, raised with class privilege by two loving-hearted psychiatrist parents and a devoutly religious grandmother in a smallish town in Florida. Through lived experience with depression and anxiety, she holds those with mental illness in deep care and understanding. She is also a Life-Cycle Celebrant and founder of Radical Ceremony, crafting and officiating end of life ceremonies, weddings and other rites of passage.


Anisha enjoys performing with her soul-line dancing team and is an occasional writer of stories on family, culture, and nostalgia.


Anisha Desai

Creating Values Aligned Culture

Pronouns: She/her
Location: Unceded Ohlone land, Oakland, CA


Saneta devouno-powell

Systems Change Grounded in Community Care

Pronouns: she/they series
Location: Berkeley, CA + Atlanta, GA

Saneta is a co-founder and partner of Ground Works Consulting, where she leads strategy on policies and practices to improve racial health disparities and community stability.  She is passionate about engaging in work that simultaneously addresses immediate community needs while planning for long term stability and systems change.

Saneta has decades of experience working on issues of racial justice, housing, and health and in conducting various types of community based participatory research.

Saneta is currently getting her PhD in Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies at Emory University. She received her bachelor's degree from Sarah Lawrence College and both her law degree and her master’s degree in city planning from UC Berkeley. Saneta serves on the board of the Texas Observer and the Safe Return Project.

Dr. T is passionate about personal and community healing, vitality, and (r)evolution.

Her practice is grounded in a unique culture of real talk and getting to the heart of what life is calling us to be, do, and have. 

Dr. Teresa Lau, DC, has a passion for the beauty and richness life has to offer, and she is committed to awakening the embodied expression of that aliveness through quantum community transformation and healing.


Dr. Teresa Lau

Organizing at the Intersections

Pronouns: she/her
Location: CA and beyond


Taina Jones

Social Justice Advocate + Community Builder

Pronouns: She/her
Location: Unceded Ohlone land, Emeryville, CA

Taina Jones (she/her) supports New Seneca Village with development and implementation of processes and timelines to directly elevate the mission of New Seneca Village through wide-ranging research, development of strategic materials, and administration of retreats and communication.  She is motivated by the opportunity to create and provide systems and services that can maximize change and achieve lasting equitable and inclusive societal impacts. Taina is committed to racial equity as a strategy for transformation and social change for all people of color, with a focus on low-income women.

Prior to joining New Seneca Village, Taina worked for Hirsch Philanthropy Partners where she consulted with individuals and families on how to best maximize the impact of their giving on the neighborhoods and issue areas they support, with a focus on community engagement and trust-based philanthropy. 


She holds a Master’s in Business Administration (M.B.A.) from Mills College and a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in International Business from San Francisco State University. She is a native of the Dominican Republic and is fluent in Spanish.

During her free time, you can find Taina enjoying hikes in the Redwoods, practicing yoga, and spending time with her friends and family.

2022 Advisory Circle


Akaya Windwood

Brilliantly facilitates transformation.

Akaya advises, trains, and consults on how change happens individually, organizationally and societally.


Melonie + Melorra Green

Create spaces for Black Joy

The twins support, uplift and amplify Black creatives, while place-making IRL and virtual. Artists in their own right, the Twins are some of Fillmore's Finest (via Memphis, TN.)


Gillian Bergeron

Community Organizer + Strategist

Gillian Bergeron  supports emergent organizations in building community engagement networks. 


Ling (Charlene) Lo

Passionate about Leadership x Liberation

Ling (Charlene) Lo is a creator of things - communities, culture, programs, brands, impact.

Naomi headshot 2021 small.jpeg

Naomi Yu

Self & Community Care as Liberation

Naomi Yu (she/her) is a healer, facilitator, and consultant. passionate about destigmatizing mental health and wellness (especially for BIPOC) and making it more accessible for all.

Much gratitude to our Advisory Circle for their year of
energy, affinity, and thought partnership!

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