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Ain Bailey is a justice focused philanthropic strategist and collaborative leader whose work is grounded in infinite possibility, proven by the miracle of this planet and our shared humanity.

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After years of funding racial justice, organizational development, housing and narrative shift as levers for advancing an equitable and just society, it became clear to Ain that the systems will not change unless we change the way that we care for the leaders who are doing the complex and perpetual work of shifting them.

This belief, along with her deep knowing of the transformative and healing power of nature and the longstanding benefit of healing practices compelled her to develop New Seneca Village to sustain cis, transfeminine and non-binary women of color social justice leaders who have been at the forefront of all major societal movement in this country (whether they were acknowledged or not.)

Ain is most energized by her role as the Founder & Co-Designer of New Seneca Village, a retreat and visioning project designed to connect these critical leaders to nature, restorative practices, and each other such that their leadership and work is grounded in restoration, community connection and expansive vision.

New Seneca Village is a response to her long-standing question, grounded in 400 years of history and made more relevant by the events of 2020:


What is possible for our society, our people and our planet if we abundantly and consistently resourced the leaders advancing our society's most evolved values ?

13+ years experience designing and implementing large-scale organizational, local and regional initiatives in government, philanthropy and non-profit spaces.


  • Liberated and Transformational Space

  • Restoration + Visioning

  • Collaborative and Intentional Structure Development

  • Liberatory Grantmaking


  • BA, Spelman College

  • MPA , Baruch College via the National Urban Fellows program

  • ThetaHealing Practitioner -  Certified

  • Certified Professional Coach via the Blooming Willow Healing Centered Coaching Program.


  • Jubilee Gift [2021 -2022] - An invitational journey into Money & Belonging; to join with others in healing and shifting the upstream consciousness from which money was created, and then used, to reinforce extraction, racism, domination, ecocide, and other forms of separation and violence.

  • Just Economy Institute (ICI) - Financial Activist [2020 -21] For financial activists committed to leveraging capital with an integrated and strategic approach to impact social mission. 

  • Harmony Initiative [2018 - 19] In-depth exploration of both transitional and transformational philanthropic practice to bring about a Just Transition for philanthropy.

  • Fulcrum Fellowship [2017] Positions fellows to help disinvested communities achieve their environmental, social and economic priorities by advancing strategies that overcome barriers to investment. 

  • Government Alliance for Race and Equity (GARE) [2015 - 17] Member of inaugural N. California cohort and City of Oakland inter-departmental RE team.


  • African - American Arts & Culture Center, Board Vice President, 2018 - 21

  • City of Oakland Library Advisory Commissioner, 2013 - 17

+ Founder & Co-Designer, New Seneca Village

+ Healing Centered Coach: Provides possibility oriented coaching designed to center restoration, inner knowing and embodied practice. 

+ Borealis Philanthropy, Program Officer
: Invested in racial equity practitioners who provide deep organizational development processes to nonprofit organizations.

+ San Francisco Foundation, Initiative Officer: Designed the implementation of a Bay Area wide fellowship program designed to stimulate collaboration between governmental and nonprofit organizations to advance progressive housing policies.

+ City of Oakland Community and Economic Development Agency: Managed small business grant program; advanced racial equity teams and trainings as an internal consultant

+ Libra Foundation: Supported grantee relationships and complete grantmaking processes for the Criminal Justice program officer during maternity leave.

+ Chan Zuckerberg Initiative: Provided strategic scaffolding for 10+ housing organizations in the development of an emerging coalition designed to advance suburban housing justice organizing in the Bay Area. 

+ The Case Made: Provided strategic support for a narrative shift project to reframe poverty for Tipping Point Community Foundation
Sunrise on Nature

Coaching + Strategic Advising

Ain Bailey provides healing centered coaching and Liberatory philanthropic advising within her Right Relationship ethos, centering Interconnection, Restoration and Evolution in unearthing her clients core interests and intentions.


Interested in working with Ain?

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