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New Seneca Village
Questions + Answers

Welcome! We hope that this site gives you a real taste of the New Seneca Village project, experience, and invitation.


And if not, this page should support you in knowing what you want to know. 


We have included our most asked questions below and encourage you to explore the page.


If you still have questions, feel free to reach out to

Image by Aleksandr Buynitskiy

New Seneca Village Testimonials

This was different than any other retreat space that I had been to.


The fact that it was cultivated intentionally and dedicated to WOC, nonbinary people of color and intergenerational exchange - all amongst people whose lives are working for racial justice and liberation - is a powerful combination.


I was surprised at what is possible when we create flexible and open containers for play and rest. I was surprised that we were encouraged not to center talking about work! What a relief.


I was delighted at the moments of laughter and the ways that folks were drawn into rites of passage and letting go in many ways.

Anisha Desai, AORTA, transformative coach + strategist, Bay Area -CA

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