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New Seneca Village Grants

A Collective Practice

New Seneca Village is an intentional community and offering.  Our intention is to live into the spirit of an interconnected, thriving and abundant Village centered on restoration, connection and visioning.

We offer the Travel grant below to insure that all Healers,

regardless of means, are able to be a part of our community.

We also want to support our collective ability to claim space from our day to day concerns and

responsibilities so that  while we are on residency we can focus on being

present to our individual and collective rhythms and needs.


In that spirit, if accepting the Travel grant will make a difference for you,

please request the amount you need.


If accepting the Travel grant would have little impact on your ability to attend a

New Seneca Village residency, please leave all, or a portion of funds for others

for whom this offering will have greater impact.


We have included an offering on how you may want to consider your grant request at the bottom of this page. 

We will not means test your request against your salary in granting these funds.

We look forward to co-creating this conscious abundance community practice with you.  

These grants are available for in-person residencies only.

Travel Grants

You may request up to $1,000 to support your travel. 

You may request all or a portion of.

Please consider the following as you determine

how much you may wish to request.

- At home COVID test

- Flights

- Transport to airport / airport parking

- Food and drink while traveling

- Luggage checking fees

- Gas and tolls for those driving

If (m)any of these describe your experience...

please request the full grant amount of $1,000 for Travel.

  • supporting children/elders or other dependents

  • have significant debt, including uncovered medical expenses

  • receive public assistance

  • work is unavailable or challenging due to immigration or incarceration status

  • currently or recently experiencing housing instability

  • primarily use a currency in a country that has been historically exploited by the Global North

If (m)any of these describe your experience...

please consider requesting the exact portion of the Travel grant that you may need, leaving the rest so that we can provide more to others. 

  • rent your home

  • have moderate debt & budget your finances

  • completed high school and/or college

  • are a citizen/documented permanent resident of the country you live in

  • have some money in savings or retirement accounts

If (m)any of these describe your experience...

please consider passing on the Travel grant, so that we can provide more to others.

  • own your home

  • have investments, retirement accounts, and/or inherited wealth

  • travel recreationally (non-COVID times)

  • are a citizen/documented permanent resident of the country you live in

  • your education and/or living accommodations were paid for by your parents, grandparents, or other relatives/connections

  • friends and family could provide support in times of financial need or transitions

  • you are able to claim parts of this retreat as a business expense

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