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Seneca Village Funding Vision

New Seneca Village is clear that access to nature, healing, self-expression, and spiritual and liberatory self-care practices are integral to impactful leaders and strong and sustained social movements. 


Dedicated to serving Black, Indigenous Women of Color leaders, from across the globe,  New Seneca Village will steward a nature centered space as reduced of intersectional oppression as possible. Our leaders will spend time in beautiful natural environments in welcoming accommodations centered around their needs.


NSV will offer a healing modalities, including an emphasis on healing, movement, creativity and joy, as well as access to therapists and coaches. 

New Growth

Phase I:

Planning + Fundraising + Acquisition

2020 - 2022
  • Launch Fundraising Pitch

  • Launch Design Team

  • Acquire Land + 2+ yrs Holding Costs

  • Begin Infrastructure + pre-Build Property Development

  • Pay NSV Staff (2 FTE)


Green Landscape

Phase II:

Design + Development + Pilot Retreats

2021 - 2024
  • Full Development of Property + Holding Costs

  • Host Four NSV Retreats/Yr (Two Weeks Each)

  • Pay NSV Staff (2 FTE)

Development Goal: $92M

New Growth

Phase III:

Finishing Touches + Soft /Full Launch

2025 - 2026
  • Finishing Touches

  • Pay NSV Staff (7 FTE)

  • Initial Soft Launch Residencies

Full Launch

New Seneca Village serves up to 300 women annually.


$70M endowment supports Operating costs of $3.5M annually (5%)

Final Goal: $100M

Teenagers in Nature

New Seneca Village is committed that our guests can enter our grounds and put down the need to fight, to advocate, to teach others or to protect themselves.

Instead they will be free to use their time to focus on healing, connecting and visioning for themselves, their communities and our collective future.

Sacred space requires self-determination

Phase I

Land Acquisition, Design + Build

PURCHASE: 100+ acre property, preferably along the Northern California coast. Bonus: Connection to conservation land. 

DESIGN: New Seneca Village will bring together a team of women of color architects, designers, planners and psychologists to collaboratively design our disability and language accessible, LEED -certified retreat space.


New Seneca Village will be designed to invite, nurture and heal its multi-generational, multi-abled and multi-cultural Villagers. 

BUILD: It is our commitment that New Seneca Village be built by women of color consultants, contractors, and crews, with an emphasis on local hire for construction.


Phase I: $30M

2020 - 2024


Endowment: Experience + Operations

ENDOWMENT: $70 Million

This endowment will enable Seneca Village to stay on mission, provide consistent programming and financial support to Villagers and expand the concept to other geographic locations. 

RESIDENCY EXPERIENCE: Complementary residencies for Seneca Village guests, including accommodations, meals and access to individual and solo healing modalities. Grants will be provided for inter/national travel support, in addition to sabbatical cost support for elder/child care, pet care, rental payments, etc. 

OPERATIONS: $3.5 Million

(5% endowment annual)

Seneca Village will provide living wage salaries and full benefits, including generous retirement, to all 10 FTE's. Salaries across the structure will be equitable and within an overall ratio framework so that compensation is commensurate along blue and white collar roles. 


COMMUNITY EXPERIENCE: Annual Homecoming event will bring together alumni, movement leaders, artists, academics, to learn, explore, collaborate and collectively vision together. 

Phase 2: $70M



Seneca Village Vision Fellowship, Podcast + Global Expansion 

Seneca Village Alum + Special Guests

NSV Invitational Retreats: SV will provide participants with seed funding* for any emerging project designed during the retreat and will connect larger scale projects with interested SV donors.

New Seneca Village Fellowship

New Seneca Village seeks to award Visionary Fellowships to 10 leaders a year.


Visionary Fellows will receive $250,000 grants and a 10 day cohort retreat at New Seneca Village to support and inspire individual and collective projects. 

The New Seneca Village Community will determine annual Fellowship recipients.


*Will require additional investment 

New Seneca Podcast

New Seneca Podcast will host Seneca Villagers and Center guests in discussions around integrating healing, spirituality and self-care into their respective work. 

This platform is intended to increase visibility for our leaders, as well as to share their transformative thinking with the world. 

Seneca Village: Global

Seneca Village is committed to being a global resource for progressive leaders everywhere.


In an effort to expand the number of leaders we can support and to more deeply ground in cross-cultural exchange, SV will design and build outposts in other geographic locations.

Potential Expansion Sites



South Africa


*Additional Investment and connections desired. 

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