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New Seneca Village

Big Vision Invitation

Image by Jessica Ruscello

New Seneca Village is raising $30M in 2023
for permanent retreat space and operating costs to host Restoration, Connection and Visioning residencies for Women of Color Advancing Justice

Our purpose is to connect Black, Indigenous and cis, transfeminine and non-binary women of color leaders to nature, time and space, restorative practices and each other.


We exist to offer leaders the opportunity to reconnect to their own sustainable leadership and to an intentional community invested in leveraging resources beyond roles, titles and money. 

Wooden Hut

2023 Goals

$30 Million

Sunrise over Mountains


Bring content over - sacred / sovereign

Our Big Vision allows us to

  • support more leaders and healers

  • Ensure a truly restorative environment as free of 'isms as possible for the Village community

  • Allow us us to focus  on our offerings and collaborative resourcing intentions for the community 

Governance: Villagers will collectively hold the mission of New Seneca Village, 


Why $30M? 

Land is a mainstay of the American dream and yet, land without assets is a liability. 

Acquiring land without accounting for holdings costs for property tax and baseline infrastructure needs or without operating costs for staff, grants and the offerings integral to our Village would leave us land rich and mission poor. 

New Seneca Village is designed to be a reflection of both the abundance present in the natural world and the generosity present when we intentionally commit to one another. 

We must design and fund this Big Vision in alignment with those intentions in order to be a true container for the work of restoration, connection and visioning. 

Invitation to Donors

We are always excited to connect with individual and institutional funders who are in alignment with our Right Relationship ethos, especially those who actualize their commitment by providing multi-year, general operating support gifts with zero to minimal reporting requirements.

Are you interested in building relationship with New Seneca Village?

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