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New Seneca Village
Restorative Vision Circle Series


The Village Restorative Vision Circle Series is designed to provide grounding space for you as you step into creating the residency that will best support and enable the expansion of your restorative practices in your life and work.


It is also the first opportunity to meet the collective - the intentional community  of leaders engaging in this restorative journey - that will gather to restore, connect and vision together both virtually across this series and in person at the residency. 

This Is Where Your Residency Begins

This series is intended to invite you into consideration of your restorative beliefs and present restorative practices, ask you to reflect on what needs tending to now so that you can show up for the residency you want and how you will clear that path for yourself.

We will close with the way of Being you want to cultivate for the residency and the permissions you intend to give yourself to allow for that.  

A central hypothesis powering the New Seneca Village offering is that we are able to access and implement restorative approaches to life and work if we pause and spend some intentional time reflecting on what would support us and the work we do. 

New Seneca Village will count ourselves successful if you...

  • Use this experience as an opportunity to (re)commit to creating life-long time/space for the restorative practices that you enjoy now and that you develop before and during the residency.

  • Center restoration, connection and visioning - in whatever way you create for yourself - in your life, your work and your leadership moving forward.

You have committed to attend all the restorative vision circle sessions and we invite you to set an intention of

allowing time in advance of each session with the intention, prompts and invitations below. 

Please Note: We hold Circle space that allows people to feel safe, be present and authentically speak from their hearts, as such we do not record sessions.

Image by Markus Spiske

" Caring for myself is not self-indulgence,

it is self-preservation,

and that is an act of political warfare. " 

Audre Lorde

Session #1:

Seed : Beginning

In this session, we will explore our understanding of where our beliefs and practices around restoration developed and how they shape the way we engage, or not with centering restoration in our present lives.

Contemplative Questions

Journaling Prompts

  • Who am I and where do I come from? 

    • (Who am I?) How do I define my Self without titles or roles, accreditations or organizations. 

    • (Where am I from?) How do the communities I belong to engage with and practice restoration?

  • What does my wise inner Self know about restoration and restorative practices?

  • How do or how could my restorative practices create space for my purpose and path in the world?

Practice Invitation

Exploratory practices to try on.

Consider an average week of your life, including all work and life responsibilities.

  • Identify the time and space in your week where you prioritize restoration and/or restorative practices.

    • Examples of restorative practice include; listening to yourself, spending time in nature, movement / embodiment practice, paying attention to your breath, journaling, your own sacred practices...​

  • Identify areas where restoration and/or restorative practices would serve you.
    • Where and how could restoration support your creativity,  your energy, how you feel in your body, your ability to integrate or vision or lead, etc?​

  • Spend some time daydreaming about a week where you prioritize your restoration in both life and work (ie. not a vacation week.) ​
    • How is your time organized in this week? How do you feel in this week as compared to an average week?​

This practice is enhanced by reviewing an average week on your calendar while also considering how you spend your free time.

We invite you to journal about what is present as well as what is not.

Image by Olga Thelavart

Residency Dedication


We invite you to dedicate your restoration journey to someone

as a way to have this experience ripple out to the

people or communities you hold dear. 


Think expansively about this dedication as a symbolic partner for this entire residency experience. You might dedicate your time and space to a  person (including yourself), to a community (of people, of nature), to ancestors or descendants.

The choice is yours.


With whom do you want to energetically share your restorative journey ?

Image by Olga Thelavart
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