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Are you interested in serving on the New Seneca Village Advisory Circle?

New Seneca Village is a non-profit retreat space and network offering nature-based restorative residencies for women and non-binary leaders of color working to advance justice with the goal to sustain their collective visioning for a just future.

New Seneca Village is a commitment to restoration, connection and visioning. 

The Advisory Circle is a crucial element in our collaborative community model. 

The Opportunity

New Seneca Village is opening the Advisory Circle application process for leaders to join our 2025 Village Advisory Circle*.


As with most things we offer, we are exploring new ways of collective stewardship which involves each Advisory Circle member designing and stewarding their own offering for the Village. 


A few examples of member offerings: current Advisory Circle members have secured funding and speaking opportunities for the Village team,  others have co-created the grounding Village Healer Philosophy and the emergent Theory of Change.


Advisory Circle members must be aligned with the Village vision and proactive in co-creating, implementing 

and advancing ways to increase the focus, funding and reach of New Seneca Village.​

If you are interested in joining the New Seneca Village Advisory Circle,

please review our Village Ethos, our Legacy Vision goals and our Founding  Commitments, 

as you consider if you might be a good candidate for this opportunity. 


You can also check out our Year Two Update for thoughts and reflections from Villagers

before completing the Advisory Circle survey. 

*The first meeting for the 2025 cohort will be held in 2024, on November 14th. 

Technical Details​
Please carefully review our Advisory Circle Membership Opportunity + Commitment
before applying for more context and clarity about our collaborative model.
  • Advisory Circle members are invited to serve for 14-months (November 2024 - January/February 2026.) 

  • We anticipate that each Advisory Circle member will dedicate 60 hours to New Seneca Village throughout their 14 month engagement.

    • This time estimate is inclusive of stewarding their respective offering and attending Advisory Circle meetings and other collaborative offering advancement sessions. 

  • We expect Advisory Circle members to proactively advance their offerings outside of Circle sessions while engaging in a way that allows the offering to be co-created with the Village team, other Advisory Circle members and Villager feedback. 

  • Advisory Circle members will receive a stipend for their time and dedication.

Turquoise Stone
Please intentionally engage with our Advisory Circle Membership Opportunity + Commitment
overview so that you have context and clarity before applying.

Applications are not a guarantee of an invitation to an Advisory Circle Open House nor to join the New Seneca Village Advisory Circle.

What Comes Next?

  • The New Seneca Village team will review Advisory Circle applications in August 2024.

  • We will host two Open Houses for potential Advisory Circle members in late Aug / early September 2024.

    • At this time we are only able to host further conversation about this opportunity through these Open Houses. Open House invitations will only be extended to those who apply for the Advisory Circle. 

  • We will send invitations for the 2025 Advisory Circle in late September 2024, well in advance of the first Advisory Circle meeting for 2025 members which will be held on November 14, 2024.

Thank you for your intentional consideration of this Advisory Circle invitation!

Please note: We are a small team and will only connect with folks who step toward this opportunity by applying. 

Email inquiries from those without submitted applications will not be answered.

Image by Sergey Pesterev


Outreach, amplification and relationship building with individual and institutional donors toward Legacy Vision development and sustainability.

Knowledge of philanthropic space and leaders, fundraising experience helpful

Image by Ivan Bandura


Support  Village connection and engagement beyond the residency, including hosting Village gathering circles.

Experience in facilitating gatherings, enabling relationship building and practice deepening helpful.


Narrative and Storytelling:  Spark communication imagination while co-creating narrative opportunities that align with the Village’s collective visions and values while amplifying insights, practices, and wisdom of The Village and Villagers.

Knowledge of speaker opportunities helpful

Image by Federico Beccari

All Advisory Circle Members actively participate in
co-creative conversations grounded in our Village values.

They are willing and able to proactively advance their own offerings for the Village.

Image by Sapan Patel


Being part of the Advisory Circle has been such a sweet surprise. It is a place where I can bring creativity, skill and interest from the work I do, and connection with other brilliant and compassionate beings to

co-steward a really impressive and important network and project.

Anisha Desai, AORTA, Sector: Transformative Consulting, Worker Owned Cooperative, Bay Area

Image by Krystal Ng

To learn more about why we do this work, take a look at our Year Two Update.

Hear directly from Villagers about the impact of this experience you might be called to steward.

The Advisory Circle is a collaborative  opportunity.

We welcome intentionally engaged leaders who are interested in developing and leading their offering(s),

in co-creation with other Advisory Circle members

and the Village team.

Advisory Circle Members are...

  • Creative

  • Accountable

  • Collaborative

  • Communicative

  • Able to participate in all elements of the Advisory Circle commitment

  • Excited to steward a resonant offering for the Village!

Image by Annie Spratt

Invite to Pause

As You Consider This Invitation for Your Self 

Sit quietly and comfortably with your feet on the ground. 


Take 8 cleansing breaths. [In through the nose. Out through the mouth.]


Imagine the feels, smells, tastes and sounds of intentional community. Sense the energy of those around you as you gather virtually and physically to co-create spaces centered on restoration, connection and visioning.

~ Is this an invitation that I truly want to say yes to?


~ Do I intend to be in active service to advance the mission, vision and reach of New Seneca Village? 

~ Am I a (joy)full yes to this invitation?


Close with 3 deep breaths.

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