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Interested in serving on our Village Advisory Circle?

New Seneca Village is a non-profit retreat space and network offering nature - based restorative residencies for cis, trans and non-binary Black, Indigenous and women of color leaders working to advance racial, economic and social justice with the goal to sustain their collective visioning for a just future.

New Seneca Village is a commitment to restoration, connection and visioning. 

We are dedicated to this commitment of serving cis, trans, and non-binary black, Indigenous, and women of color leaders in our Village offerings and our internal structure. The Advisory Circle is a crucial element in our community governance model. 

The Opportunity

The New Seneca Village Advisory Circle is open for candidates for our 2023 Advisory Circle.


We are looking for aligned and engaged Advisory Circle members who resonate with our vision and who are willing to look for, create and implements ways to amplify the focus, funding and reach of New Seneca Village - in partnership with the Village team. We are an emerging project with Big Vision and are looking for folks who can actively support our intentions. 

Please review our Village Ethos, our Big Vision goals and our Founding  Commitments as you consider if you might be a good candidate. 

Check out our Year One Update for voices from the Village. 


We are looking for Advisory Circle members who will collaborate with New Seneca Village

and take ownership of supporting the mission and vision  in the following ways.

Technical Details​
  • Advisory Circle members are invited to serve for 1 year.

  • The Advisory Circle meetings are quarterly and are roughly 2.5 hrs each.

  • In addition to Circle meetings, each Advisory Circle member will meet twice a year with the New Seneca Village team to co-create ways that the member intends to actively support the vision of NSV. 

  • Advisory Circle members receive an annual stipend for their time and dedication.

Turquoise Stone

Applications are not a guarantee of an invitation to join the NSV Advisory Circle.

What Comes Next?
  • If interested, complete the Advisory Circle Application

  • The New Seneca Village team will review Advisory Circle applications in late November.

  • We will reach out for a conversation if interested.

  • Invitations for the Advisory Circle will be shared in the new year.

Thank you for your intentional consideration of this Advisory Circle invitation!

Image by Sergey Pesterev


Outreach, amplification and relationship building with individual and institutional donors toward Big Vision development and sustainability.

Knowledge of philanthropic space, webinar development helpful

Image by Ivan Bandura


Support the co-creative development of Village connection and engagement beyond the residency, including ongoing restorative practice offerings.

Knowledge of private online communities, membership spaces helpful.


Strategic amplification of New Seneca Village's mission and values; including Villagers as we expand our Ecosystem.

Knowledge of print and social media, speaker opportunities helpful

Image by Federico Beccari

All Advisory Circle Members should be able to participate in co-creation conversations, grounded in our values. And be willing to serve as connective tissue for the emerging Village and Villagers.

Image by Sapan Patel


"Black Women are never allowed to rest, to receive fully without being asked to perform.

Here [at NSV] we were allowed to do just that.


It is the key to restoration for your mind, your body and your soul.

This experience is the blueprint to bringing real care to us.


We need it to live, we need it to live well, we need it to thrive not just survive."

Bushmama, Healer, Artist, Curator, Oakland, Ca 

Image by Krystal Ng

To learn more about why we do this work, take a look at our year one update:


One Mission to Big Vision


Hear directly from Villagers about the impact of this experience you might be called to steward.

Image by Annie Spratt

Invite to Pause

As You Consider This Invitation for Your Self 

Sit quietly and comfortably with your feet on the ground. 


Take 8 cleansing breaths. [In through the nose. Out through the mouth.]


Imagine the feels, smells, tastes and sounds of intentional community. Sense the energy of those around you as you gather virtually and physically to co-create spaces centered on restoration, connection and visioning.

~ Is this an invitation I want to say yes to?


~ Am I willing to be in active service to advance the mission and reach of New Seneca Village? 

~ Am I a (joy)full yes to this invitation?


Close with 3 deep breaths.

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